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EP 1238883 B1 2009-02-18 - Route management system for a railway vehicle

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Route management system for a railway vehicle

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Routenverwaltungssystem für ein Schienenfahrzeug

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Sytéme de gestion de l'itinéraire d'un véhicule ferroviaire


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[origin: EP1238883A1] A central controller (38) has a unit which calculates the time duration along a route modified by the system controlling modified route itineraries. The controllers time computing unit calculates the time duration for each block section of the modify route itinerary. The controller can modify the waiting time of the railway vehicle at the arrival point and can modify an itinerary from the arrival point at the same moment the vehicle is traveling the arrival point track. The network includes vehicle position sensors (34) and a CPU (38). The itinerary modification controller includes means to determine a group of possible itineraries between the itinerary change node and the convergence node, and means for comparing the group of itineraries with the initial itinerary according to the closest itinerary to the initial one. In the case where the vehicle has to change its departure platform, the change itinerary node becomes the departure point (12,14) of the vehicle. In the case where the vehicle has its arrival platform changed, the convergence node is a virtual point situated downstream of the point of arrival. The vehicle being stopped at the arrival platform contained in the modified itinerary.

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