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EP 1239075 A1 2002-09-11 - Machine for making a web

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Machine for making a web

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Maschine zur Herstellung einer Materialbahn

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Machine pour la fabrication d'une bande


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The machine, for the production of paper/cardboard web (3), has a press section (5) and a drying station (7) with a number of drying cylinders (19) directly after the press section. The web leaves the final press roller unit to travel in a short free path to the first drying cylinder, which has a controlled drive. The drying station for a paper/cardboard web, at a production machine, has a cleaning scraper (41) at the leading drying cylinder, in front of the transfer zone (U) between a press roller (9) and the leading drying cylinder, to prevent air being carried into the transfer zone. A press blanket (15) is at the press section, which passes close to the cleaning scraper on a path around a guide roller (17). The scraper has a blowing jet (47) in the direction of press blanket travel. An Independent claim is included for the transfer operation of a web between the press and drying stations, where the difference in speed is set between the final press roller and the leading drying cylinder. Preferred Features: The temperature of the leading drying cylinder is selected to develop a steam vapor layer between the web and the drying cylinder surface.

Abstract (de)

Es wird eine Maschine zur Herstellung einer Materialbahn, insbesondere einer Papier- oder Kartonbahn, mit einer, mindestens eine Presseneinrichtung aufweisenden Pressenpartie und einer eine Anzahl von Trockenzylindern umfassenden Trockenpartie vorgeschlagen. Es ist vorgesehen, daß der erste Trockenzylinder (19) der Trockenpartie (7) -in Förderrichtung der Materialbahn (3) gesehen- unmittelbar der Pressenpartie (5) nachgeordnet ist. <IMAGE>

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