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EP 1241650 A1 2002-09-18 - Mobile terminal for use in a vehicle navigation system

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Mobile terminal for use in a vehicle navigation system

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Mobiles Endgerät zur Verwendung in einem Fahrzeug-Navigationssystem

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Terminal mobile à l'emploi dans un système de navigation d'un véhicule


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Method and apparatus for vehicle navigation for informing a driver about driving conditions ahead of the vehicle, comprising a positioning means (16) to locate the position of the vehicle, and a data processing device (12) adapted to process data and to interact with the driver (14), said data processing device (12) being connected to said positioning means (16), characterised by a wireless application protocol (WAP) transceiving means (10) connected to the data processing device (12) and adapted to exchange route related data with a service provider (2). <IMAGE>

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