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EP 1241919 A2 2002-09-18 - A method for reducing distortion in a receiver

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A method for reducing distortion in a receiver

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Verfahren zur Verzerrungsverringerung bei einem Empfänger

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Procédé de réduction de la distorsion dans un récepteur


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A receiver, such as for use in a hearing aid, is disclosed. The receiver comprises a housing and a diaphragm assembly disposed within the housing. The diaphragm assembly acoustically divides the housing into a front volume and a back volume. The diaphragm assembly comprises a paddle having a perimeter, a flexible annulus connected to the paddle, and a diaphragm support, wherein the diaphragm support secures the perimeter of the annulus to the housing. The receiver further comprises a plurality of apertures in the diaphragm assembly, wherein the plurality of apertures provides an acoustic distortion of no greater than 2% THD. <IMAGE>

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