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EP 1258841 A2 2002-11-20 - Magnetic sensor and bill validator using the same

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Magnetic sensor and bill validator using the same

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Magnetischer Sensor und damit ausgestattete Banknotenüberprüfungsvorrichtung

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Capteur magnétique et dispositif de validation de billets de banque utilisant ce capteur


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A highly sensitive magnetic sensor and a bill validator using the magnetic sensor are disclosed. The magnetic sensor is provided with an artificial-lattice MR (magnetic resistor) element formed on a board. The artificial-lattice MR element and wiring terminals, coupled to the artificial-lattice MR element, are integrated in a housing with resin. Moreover, a magnet is mounted in a hollow at the back of the board in the housing to provide a plane of artificial-lattice MR element with an auxiliary magnetic field perpendicularly.

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