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EP 1260366 B1 20080123 - Leakproof pump for use in an inking mechanism of a rotary printing press

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Leakproof pump for use in an inking mechanism of a rotary printing press

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Lecksichere Pumpe für die Farbvorrichtung von einer Rotationsdruckmaschine

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Pompe étanche pour le dispositif d'encrage d'une machine d'impression rotative


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[origin: EP1260366A1] A pump capable of metering a fluid such as ink to an offset printing press, comprising a pump body (1), with or without a cylinder (2), defining a bore (10 or 20) which is pressure-tightly closed at a first end thereof, a piston (3) slidably received in the bore for both rotation and linear reciprocation and having one end projecting from a second end of the bore, the piston being capable of blocking both suction port and discharge port and alternately placing the same in communication with the bore during each complete revolution thereof, a drive motor (4) mounted to the pump body (1) and having a drive shaft (40) rotatable about an axis (CL1) intersecting the axis (CL2) of rotation of the piston at a prescribed angle (θ), and a drive linkage (50, 51 and 52)) connecting the drive shaft of the drive motor to the piston so as to cause joint rotation and linear reciprocation of the latter in response to the rotation of the former. The second end of the bore (10 or 20) is sealed by an end seal (6, 6a or 6b) against the leakage of the printing ink from between the pump body (1) or cylinder (2) and the piston (3). <IMAGE>

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