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Door latch

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Verrou de porte


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A latch door operator if provided for use with an electrical door operator for improving the sealing capabilities of a plug door commonly used in multi-passenger mass transit vehicles. The essential components of the latch door operator comprise a striker member suspended within the door frame which cooperates with a catcher member which is pivotally mounted to the door. The striker member is capable of moving in one of a first and second direction upon the application of a force thereto. An actuating device is provided for applying one of an actuating and retracting force to the striker member. The striker member also includes a nose portion located at a first end thereof. The catcher member, which is mounted to the door, has a first end portion which is capable of cooperating with the nose portion of the striker member upon the application of an actuating force to the striker member. This actuating force causes the striker member to move in a first direction to compress the sealing member associated with the door to one of a wall portion or door frame of the transport vehicle and to latch the door in a closed position. <IMAGE>

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