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EP 1266855 A2 2002-12-18 - Mark transfer tool and mark transfer tape

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Mark transfer tool and mark transfer tape

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Musterübertragungsgerät und Musterübertragungsband

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Appareil de transfert de motifs et bande de transfert de motifs


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[origin: US2002170683A1] A mark transfer tool making use of a coat film transfer technology about various marks composed of characters, codes, patterns or their combination. A mark transfer tape is composed of pressure-sensitive adhesive transfer marks disposed and held on the surface of a base tape continuously and peelably at specific intervals. Therefore, various marks can be used in a completely different method from the conventional mode of impressing use in the form of a stamp or adhering use in the form of a mark seal and the like, so that diversified preferences of general users can be satisfied effectively.

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