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Closure member for a bottle

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Verschlussvorrichtung für eine Flasche

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Elément de fermeture pour une bouteille


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A bottle cap or closure member has a first fixed portion 2 and a second movable portion 3 which are separably screwed to each other. The fixed portion is for supporting the movable portion and has an attaching portion 2a for connection to the neck 11a of a bottle 11 and a through hole 2b on an axial line X. The removable portion has an inner plug portion 4 which protrudes from a face 3a thereof on the axial line and passes through and seals the through hole. The inner plug portion is provided with a chamber 5 for raw material 12 and pressurised gas 13. An opening 5a at the other end of the chamber is sealed by a plug 6. Between the plug and the fixed portion, there exists a plug opening means 7 and the plug is arranged to be opened by the plug opening means during relative movement of the fixed portion and the removable portion. <IMAGE>

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