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EP 1270498 A1 20030102 - Pipe for filling bottles and the like, with an incorporated cleaning device

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Pipe for filling bottles and the like, with an incorporated cleaning device

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Füllelement mit integrierter Reinigungsvorrichtung, zum Abfüllen von Flaschen oder anderen Behältern

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Tête de remplissage avec un dispositif de nettoyage incorporé, pour remplir des bouteilles ou des récipients similaires


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The pipe, in addition to a retractable unit comprised of a tube (9), a ring (5) and a pneumatic membrane (3), which assembly may rise and descend to allow or prevent liquid passage through a diffuser (10), incorporates a pan (13) used for the automated cleaning of the pipe itself, which pan (13) is mounted such that it is coupled and uncoupled from the pipe automatically by means of a pneumatic cylinder (14) that is hinged between the base of the deposit (2) that contains the liquid and the pan (13), with the pipe having an enveloping sleeve (21) and an outer casing (22), the former being capable of moving upwards to push on the retractable unit, thus allowing the liquid to pass towards the chamber defined by the casing (22) and the pan (13) in the closed or coupled position of said pan, proceeding to the external and internal cleaning of the pipe. This upward push is effected by the pan (13) pushing on a bushing (23) mounted on the inner and bottom part of the enveloping sleeve (21). <IMAGE>

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