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Classroom desk

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Bureau pour une salle de classe


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A classroom desk, the desk having an article pad (14) coupled to upper sides of props (12,12') and supports (20), an upper plate (16) attached to an upper side of the article pad (14) and a fixing unit for fixing the article pad (14) and the upper plate (16) to the props (12,12'), wherein the fixing unit comprises: a first fixing pin (28) for penetrating an upper end of the props (12,12') and periphery of the article pad (14) to be fitted into the upper plate (16); and a second fixing pin (30) for being fitted into an upper side of the upper plate (16) to be threaded to the first fixing pin (28), such that the upper plate (16) can be simply and swiftly replaced and can be reversely used without being scarred on the article pad (14) and a bottom surface of the upper plate while the fixing unit for fixing the upper plate (16) can be prevented from being unscrewed and there leave no traces of the upper plate (16) having been secured, thereby reducing waste of material cost and upkeep cost, and beautifying an exterior look of the classroom desk. <IMAGE>

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