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EP 1317325 A1 2003-06-11 - FOUNDRY ROLLING UNIT

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[origin: WO0222283A1] The invention relates to a foundry rolling unit, comprising a first production line (I), with at least one casting machine (1, 11), the thin slabs (2, 12) of which may be introduced into at least one tunnel furnace (3, 13), whereby said tunnel furnace (3, 13) opens out into at least one finishing train (4), with at least one mill stand (5). After leaving the finishing train (4) the rolled hot strips may be introduced into at least one cooling run (7) and may be rolled on at least one coiler (8). The foundry rolling unit furthermore comprises a second production line (II) arranged in an at least partly parallel manner in terms of production, with at least one slab introducing device (20), through which the slabs (22) may be introduced into at least one reheating oven (23) and at least one cogging stand (24) arranged thereafter. The rolled pre-strips may be obtained as coils (25) from at least one coil-box (26). The foundry rolling unit further comprises a coil transport device (27), by means of which the coils (25) may be transferred before the finishing train (4), from the second production line (II) to the first production line (I). The coils (25) may be removed from the coil box (26) and transported to the input of the finishing train (4), in order to carry out introduction of the pre-strips. By means of the above it is possible to produce a complete spectrum of different steel types, in particular stainless steel and high-alloyed steel, whilst achieving a corresponding high throughput.

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