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EP 1321558 A1 2003-06-25 - Bellow for front-loading washing machine

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Bellow for front-loading washing machine

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Faltenbalg für eine frontbeschickbare Waschmaschine

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Soufflet pour machine à laver à chargement frontal


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Front-loading clothes washing machine comprising a container having a front wall with a loading aperture (111), a removable door (121) able to close the loading aperture, a washing tub (112) mounted inside the container and having an aperture (117) facing towards the front wall of the container, a loading drum (15) for the clothes to be washed, the drum being mounted in the washing tub (112) in such a way that it can rotate about a horizontal axis and having an aperture (16) aligned with the aperture of the tub (117) and with the loading aperture (111), a connecting duct (120) between the aperture (117) of the washing tub and the loading aperture (111) comprising a bellows-like elastic joint (120a). The machine can take a larger load because of the fact that the space comprised within the connecting duct (120) can be used as an extension of the loading space because it includes at least one basically rigid annular band (120b) that at least partly covers the elastic joint (120a). <IMAGE>

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