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EP 1321727 A2 2003-06-25 - Heat pump type air conditioner

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Heat pump type air conditioner

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Wärmepumpenartige Klimaanlage

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Conditionneur d'air de type pompe à chaleur


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In a heat pump type air conditioner capable of maintaining a room temperature constantly by including two outdoor heat exchangers (16,18) and performing a heating operation with one heat exchanger when the other heat exchanger performs a defrosting operation, the heat pump type air conditioner includes a compressor (12) for compressing a coolant; a four-way valve (14) for switching a flow of the coolant normally or reversely; a first and a second outdoor heat exchangers (16,18) respectively installed outdoors, used as a condenser in cooling and used as an evaporator in heating; plural indoor heat exchangers respectively installed at each indoor space and performing a cooling/heating operation; a first and a second outdoor expansion valves (20,22) respectively installed at coolant pipes for connecting the first and second outdoor heat exchangers (16,18) with the indoor heat exchangers (8a,8b) in order to turn the coolant into a low temperature-low pressure state and open/close the coolant pipes; and a control unit (6) for making one of the first and second outdoor heat exchangers (16,18) perform a defrosting operation and making the rest perform a heating operation by controlling the first and second outdoor expansion valves (20,22). <IMAGE>

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