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Lock cylinder

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Serrure cylindrique


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[origin: EP1333136A1] At least two core pins (12, 13) and their corresponding casing pins (19, 20) are offset at an angle of 180 deg. relative to each other, have parallel length axes (25, 26) and can be rotated in opposite directions into the open position using a flat key. The length axis of at least one of the core pins and the keyway central axis (7) intersect at an acute angle at a point not on the core length axis. The cylinder casing (1) has a round bore extending in its length direction housing a rotatable round core (3) with a keyway (4) for a flat key (5). At least two pairs of pins are provided, each pair comprising a casing pin which is spring-loaded in the direction of the core by a compression spring (21) and a coaxial core spring. The pins are moved into an open position by inserting a flat key between the outer mantle surface (14) of the core and the bore (2) inside the casing. At least two core pins extend at an acute angle relative to the key central axis (6).

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