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EP 1348543 A2 20031001 - Sheet material fixing device

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Sheet material fixing device

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Vorrichtung zur Befestigung von blattförmigen Material

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Dispositif de fixation d'un materiau en forme de feuille


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A device for fixing a sheet material to a cylindrical rotating member. Without using a suction mechanism and a vacuum, pressing portions of sheet material leading end clamps provided at a peripheral surface of the rotating member press the sheet material against the peripheral surface of the rotating member and fix the sheet material thereat. Each pressing portion has a region which deforms most due to centrifugal force generated by the rotating member. The pressing portion is formed in advance on the whole in a bow-like shape such that this region projects the most toward a center of the rotating member. Due to deformation caused by centrifugal force, the pressing portion changes from bow-shaped to planar, and uniformly presses the sheet material without a gap therebetween. <IMAGE>

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