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Sealing arrangement

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Dispositif d'étanchéité


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[origin: EP1348806A1] A paper processing machine has a seal (10) with a movable tip (20) maintaining the pressure difference between a component and the inner face (12) of a moving (B) drum (18). The tip (20) has a contact surface (22) translating to a non-contact extension (24) separated from the drum by a gap (26). The seal position is esp. radially adjustable to increase or decrease the size of the gap (26). The gap (26) is adjusted by seal swivel (32) action. The pivot (32) point is fixed. The radius (rE) of the non-contact zone (24) is the same or less than that (R) of the moving inner face (12). The radius of curvature (rD) of the contact surface (22) is greater than or the same as that (r) of the transition zone between the contact surface (22) and the non-contact extension (24). The radius of curvature (r) in the transition zone is greater than that (rE) of the non-contact extension (24). The swivel-axis (32) range is variable. The seal (20) is held in a fixture profile (21) by pressure-variable pneumatic hoses (34, 36) working in opposition.

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