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Busbar connecting terminal

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Borne de connexion de barres omnibus


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A bus bar connecting terminal comprising a conductor section to be electrically connected to an electrical apparatus, a plurality of connecting plate sections to be connected to a plurality of bus bars by alternating with each other, and a support section for connecting and supporting each other the conductor section and the connecting plate sections, the plurality of connecting plate sections having a thickness at least equal to that of the bus bars and being separated from each other at an interval larger than the thickness of the bus bars, the terminal including a flexible section provided between the connecting plate sections and the support section which may be a thin portion. The support section may be a block having connected a plurality of connecting plate sections via flexible sections or an integral conductor block continuous to the connecting plate sections. The conductor block may be formed by cutting an extrusion-molded material having a cross section in a shape composed of the support section, the connecting plate section and the flexible section into a predetermined dimension. <IMAGE>

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