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Device for balancing the door of a dishwasher appliance

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Vorrichtung zum Gewichtsausgleich der Tür einer Haushaltsgeschirrspülmaschine

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Dispositif d'équilibrage de la porte d'un lave-vaisselle domestique


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[origin: EP1402809A2] The balancing device (1) is connected to the door (2) of a dishwasher appliance provided with a casing (3), and comprises a single spring (5) for compensating the door weight "G", and two identical tensioning assemblages (7-11) secured symmetrically on the two side walls of the casing (3), having a respective cord (7) connected to each door side hinge (4). The spring (6) occupies the space below the door (2) not supported, and it is kept in a horizontal position extended in a direction parallel to the door swivel pin (5). Transmission of the spring force Fs in a given direction (14) transverse to the swivel pin (5), is achieved by a respective tensioning plate (8), which is formed by a piece (8a) secured to the casing (3) and a movable piece (8b) provided with a sliding surface (9) for tensioning the cord (7), which is guided and kept oriented towards the corresponding end of the spring (6) coaxially. <IMAGE>

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