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EP 1407953 B1 20080917 - Linkage for draw-bars of rail vehicles

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Linkage for draw-bars of rail vehicles

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Richtgelenk für Kuppelstangen von Schienenfahrzeugen

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Articulation pour barres d'attelage de véhicule ferroviaires


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[origin: EP1407953A1] The simplified directional joint for coupling rods has a pressure side spring plate damping element (6) clamped between the end faces (7) of the coupling rod (2) and support bearing plates (4) of the directional joint inside a support cage (8) on the outer edges (9) of which are located support and tilting points (10). The gap (a) between these points and contact face (13) of the support bearing plate is such that with deflection of the coupling rod in the vertical and/or horizontal direction with simultaneous acting of initial longitudinal pressure forces (Ldk) they come to bear as a force transfer point between the coupling rod and support bearing plate.

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