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EP 1414176 A2 20040428 - Communication device and communication method immune to burst error, program for executing the method, and computer-readable storage medium storing the program

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Communication device and communication method immune to burst error, program for executing the method, and computer-readable storage medium storing the program

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Kommunikationssystem und -verfahren, das gegen Burstfehler unempfindlich ist, Rechnerprogramm zur Durchführung des Verfahrens, und rechnerlesbares Medium zum Speichern des Programms

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Dispositif et procédé de communication résistant aux erreurs en rafale, programme d'ordinateur pour la mise en oeuvre dudit procédé, et milieu d'enregistrement lisible par ordinateur stockant le programme


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A generator (22) generates predetermined frames, by performing at least error detecting code generating process for data to be transmitted. A divider (23) divides generated frames, into several frames, based on cycle of burst error whose cyclical occurrence in transmission course is predictable. A control unit (24) transmits generated packet having divided frames, to receiver (3), in one cycle of burst error. Independent claims are also included for the following: (1) receiver; (2) communication device; (3) communication method; (4) storage medium storing communication program; and (5) program storing instructions for communication.

A communication device capable of correcting a burst error exceeding a correcting capability of an error correcting code by only transmitting one packet. With respect to data to be transmitted, a frame generating section (22) generates a frame for which an error detecting process, etc., is performed. A frame dividing section (23) divides the generated frame, by a predetermined number, into a plurality of divided frames. A transmission control section (24) generates a packet in which the plurality of divided frame are copied predetermined times. A transmitting section (25) sends the packet to a receiver. A receiving section (35) receives the packet transmitted from a transmitter. A reception control section (34) divides the received packet by the predetermined number. A frame reconstructing section (33) reconstructs the frame by assembling the divided frames in predetermined order. A frame processing section (32) performs an error correcting process, etc., for the reconstructed frame.

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