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EP 1457683 A2 20040915 - Radial impeller for ventilator, in particular made of plastic

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Radial impeller for ventilator, in particular made of plastic

Title (de)

Radiallüfterrad, insbesondere aus Kunststoff

Title (fr)

Roue radiale de ventilateur, en particulier en matière plastique


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Abstract (en)

The radial fan impeller (1) of plastic has a number of vanes (3) installed between two rings (3). The blades are constructed as hollow profiles with ribs (5) provided between the two walls of the vanes and perpendicularly to each wall. The distance between two ribs is up to three times the distance between opposite facing walls of the vanes. The thickness of the ribs is equal to or greater than the thickness of the walls of the vanes.

Abstract (de)

Die Erfindung betrifft ein Radiallüfterrad (1), insbesondere aus Kunststoff, mit einer Mehrzahl von zwischen zwei Ringen (2) angeordneten Schaufeln (3), wobei die Schaufeln (3) als Hohlprofile ausgebildet sind, und zwischen den beiden Wänden der Schaufeln (3) Stege (5) vorgesehen sind. <IMAGE>

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