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Amusement machine provided having playing time distribution device

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Unterhaltungsgerät mit einer Spielzeitverteilungsvorrichtung

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Appareil de divertissement ayant un dispositif de distribution du temps joué


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The machine has rotating rollers (6) bearing figures making up a combination line as a result of each play (3), a combination susceptible to a cash prize and, on the basis of the legal regulations establishing a minimum duration time for each play (3), the invention consists in that in those plays (3) in which a situation of advance, figure permutation etc., does not occur, as well as in those plays in which the payment of a prize is not applicable, the operative control (4) of the rollers (6) causes interruption thereof in their rotating movement within the play (3) itself, which allow the player to restart the rotation again with the collaboration of an auxiliary push button (7) operatively established for that purpose, thus achieving that the type of majority plays, in which neither of the two previously mentioned situations occurs, maintain an operational dynamic with greater participation of the player, making the course of the game more active and dynamic. <IMAGE>

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