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Method of processing an acoustical signal and a hearing instrument

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Verfahren zur Verarbeitung eines akustischen Signals und ein Hörgerät

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Procédé de traitement d'un signal acoustique et un appareil auditif


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EP 04405272 A 20040430

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[origin: EP1469703A2] A method of processing an acoustic input signal into an output signal in a hearing instrument includes converting the acoustic input signal into a converted input signal, and applying a gain to the converted input signal to obtain the output signal. According to the invention, the gain is calculated using a room impulse attenuation value being a measure of a maximum negative slope of the a converted input signal power on a logarithmic scale. The calculation of the gain may include evaluating a signal power development value being a measure of the actual converted input signal power attenuation or signal power increase, evaluating a signal-to-reverberation-noise ratio from the signal power development value and the room impulse attenuation value, and calculating, based on a gain rule, said gain from said signal-to-reverberation-noise ratio. <IMAGE>

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