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Method for forming a sample warp and sample warper

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Verfahren zum Erzeugen einer Musterkette und Musterkettenschärmaschine

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Méthode pour obtenir une chaîne d'échantillonnage et ourdissoir d'échantillonnage


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[origin: EP1479803A2] Method for producing a sample warp in which a thread is fed around a warp drum and a winding group produced. Thread feeding is controlled with a control signal that is generated at least once per winding group at a predetermined angular position, so that the thread is moved axially relative to the warp drum. The interval between the fixed angular position and the angular position at which the control signal is generated is chosen dependent on the speed of movement of the thread guiding arrangement around the warp drum. An independent claim is made for a sample warping creel machine.

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