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Turbocharger shaft-hub connection

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Wellen-/Nabenverbindung eines Turboladers

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Liaison arbre-moyeu d'un turbocompresseur


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EP 03405441 A 20030619

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[origin: EP1489263A1] The shaft (1) is connected to an impeller (2), with one having a bore (20) with internal thread, the other having a journal (10) with outer thread, and both having an axial stop (11,21). Both threads have flat torque-transmitting sides facing the axis (A) of shaft and impeller. Relative turning of shaft and impeller are brought into friction connection by radial pressure, via the axial stops. Journal and bore are at least partly of conical shape, and the tapered thread is a multiple esp. triple thread. Sides and axis of shaft and impeller enclose an angle smaller than 45[deg], esp. between 5[deg] and 15[deg]. The connection is for a turbocharger.

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