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Device for separating cut sheets in a printing machine

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Einrichtung zum Trennen von geschnittenen Bögen in einer Druckmaschine

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Dispositif pour séparer des feuilles coupées dans une machine à imprimer


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[origin: EP1498374A2] The device has a separating blade (1) with edge. Cut sheets (18) connected by residual fibers are moved by a cylinder (4) to a conveyor within a transfer area (2). The separating blade is moved between a parking position, in which its edge extends outside the movement path of the sheets, and a separating position, in which it extends into the movement path directly behind the transfer area. The blade is moved esp. by a pneumatic cylinder (9) actuated by a switch (16). The separating position of the blade is defined by a stop (15) and a spring (14) tensioning the blade against the stop. A blower (17) directs an air jet to the side of the sheets away from the cylinder.

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