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EP 1513069 B8 2009-02-18 - Resource management apparatus

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Resource management apparatus

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Vorrichtung zur Verwaltung von Ressourcen

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Appareil pour gérer des ressources


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[origin: EP1513069A2] A resource management apparatus comprises an information selection unit having an operation speed different to an operation speed of a common resource and selecting from information transferred from a plurality of bus masters, a buffer unit for storing the information selected by the information selection unit, and a timing adjustment unit for controlling timings of the information selections in the information selection unit. The information selection unit selects the information comprised of a command and data transferred from any of the plurality of bus masters to the common resource. The timing adjustment unit controls the timings of the information selections in the information selection unit so that the sum of time required for selecting a plurality of predetermined volumes of information in the information selection unit and the sum of processing time in the common resource are substantially equal to each other. <IMAGE>

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