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Improvements for spray booths and drying stations

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Verbesserung für Spritzkabinen und Trocknungsstationen

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Amélioration pour cabines de pulverisation et stations de séchage


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A spray booth and or a preparation station consists of an upper space (5) designed for hot air to pass through for drying, an upper space (2) connected with the main space (5) by the interposition of filters (4) and by means of the emission of air (8) in the upper space (2). Heated radiant panels (1), preferably catalytic ones, are placed in the upper space (2) orientated towards the filters (4) to heat by the air in transit in the upper space (2) and by the filters (4), which act as the exchange of heat to finally warm up the air in transit directly to the upper space (5). The spray booth or and the preparation station can be internally covered with sandwiched panels which are fed by air which exits from a series of holes made in the sheets of the panels which face internally the booth, so as to avoid dirtying the walls from the kind of fog given off by the spray paint.

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