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top loading laundry washing machine.

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Von oben beladbare Waschmaschine

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Lave-linge à chargement par le dessus


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A laundry washing-machine is described comprising a cabinet (1) inside which a drum (3) turnable around an axis (A) is housed. The drum (3) is provided with an opening (30) for the top loading of the laundry and with a door (4) to close the opening (30). The door (4) comprises at least one wing (5) connected with the drum (3) by means of a hinge (10) which extends along the edge of the opening (30) of the drum (3) in a way parallel to the axis of rotation (A) of the drum (3). The wing (5) is suitable to bear the action of spring means (7) for its arrangement in opening position by rotation around the hinge (10); the spring means (7) have a first end (8) fastened to the drum (3) and a second end (9) fastened to the wing (5) and the hinge (10) comprises first elements (11) of the wing (5) and second elements (12) of the drum (3) interacting with each other. The laundry washing-machine comprises means (2) that are suitable to lock the wing (5) in opening position and shock absorbtion means (20) to brake the rotation of the wing (5) around the hinge (10) during the opening of the door (4). The shock absorbtion means (20) comprise at least one bush (21) fastened to the first end (8) of the spring means (7) and arranged inside the hinge (10) in such a way as to be adjacent to it in order to brake the rotation of the wing (5) around the hinge (10) by friction between its external cylindrical surface (22) and the internal surface (23) of the first elements (11) of the hinge (10).

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