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EP 1616828 A2 20060118 - Coiler plate for a sliver stacking device

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Coiler plate for a sliver stacking device

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Drehteller für eine Faserbandablagevorrichtung

Title (fr)

Tête tournante pour un dispositif d'emballage de rubains de fibres


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The turntable to lay continuous sliver in coils in a sliver can has a sliver channel (2) with a center line (14) formed by a number of curved sections (B1-B5) in direct succession, with smooth transits between them. Each curved section has an elementary geometric shape, especially part of a spiral, an arc, an elliptical arc or a straight line leading to the exit opening (6) with structured tangents (ML1,ML2). The leading section is a straight line at the entry opening (5) into the channel.

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