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Label printer provided with a label peeling mechanism

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Etikettendrucker mit einem Etikettenabziehmechanismus

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Imprimante à étiquettes pourvue d'un mécanisme pour décoller les étiquettes


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[origin: EP1619034A1] A label printer having an on-board peeling mechanism (50) enables easily replacing label paper and removing paper jams with limited space for opening and closing the printer. The label printer has a printing mechanism (40) for printing labels (102) while conveying label paper (100) having a plurality of labels (102) affixed to a continuous web liner (101), and a peeling unit (50) for peeling printed labels (102) from the web liner (101) conveyed through a curved transport path by bending the printed label paper (100) acutely from the back side of the web liner (101). The peeling unit (50) is attached to a printer cover (3) which is mounted openably and closably to the label paper compartment (4) in the printer housing.

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