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EP 1627827 B1 2009-02-18 - Package for transporting and storing horn-shaped bakery goods

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Package for transporting and storing horn-shaped bakery goods

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Verpackung zum Transport und zur Lagerung von hörnchenförmigen Gebäckteilen

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Emballage pour le transport et le stockage des produits de pâtisserie en forme de cornet


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[origin: EP1627827A2] The packaging comprises a lower part (3) and lid (4) which can be detachably connected together through complementary edge regions (5,6). The lower part has a support face for each pastry (2) designed so that with proper use the pastry is inclined so that its point (9) is lower than the axially opposite top side (10). At least a part of the support face is formed by a trough-shaped area (7) adapted to the shape of the pastry.

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