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EP 1642723 B1 20120523 - Printing methods and apparatus for reducing banding due to paper transport

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Printing methods and apparatus for reducing banding due to paper transport

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Druckverfahren und Gerät zum Mindern des Bandeffektes verursacht durch Papiertransport

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Méthodes d'impression et appareil pour réduire l'effet de bande occasionné par le transport de papier


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[origin: EP1308292A1] A dot matrix printing method is provided for printing an image on a printing medium with reduced banding, by moving, with respect to the printing medium, a printing head in a fast scan direction during a plurality of printing passes. The method comprises the step of writing the image during the plurality of printing passes by mutually interstitial printing steps and/or interlacing steps, wherein the writing step comprises moving the printing medium with a transport distance step in a slow scan direction perpendicular to the fast scan direction between the printing passes of the at least two sub-images. The sum of all transport distance steps after writing one swath of each sub-image is exactly one head length, and the transport distance steps are performed in at least two different step lengths. An apparatus for dot matrix printing an image by means of sub-images, by means of transport distance steps with at least two different step lengths, is also provided. <IMAGE>

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