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Antenna mounting structure

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Structure de montage d'une antenne


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[origin: EP1650827A2] A structure for mounting an antenna device on a first side of a panel body is disclosed. A first fixation member includes a first end having a first width, a second end, and a slit connecting the first end and the second end. A protrusion is protruded from the antenna device and fitted into the first end of the first fixation member. A second fixation member is fitted into the second end of the first fixation member while being coupled with the protrusion in a screwing manner. A wedge member is provided on the protrusion and formed with a cutout portion. The wedge member is configured to be fitted into the slit when the protrusion and the second fixation member are in a first screwing position, and configured to expand the slit when the protrusion and the second fixation member are in a second screwing position where the protrusion and the second fixation member are closed to each other than the first screwing position. A cable is extending from the antenna device and led to a second side of the panel body while passing through the cutout portion of the wedge member and an aperture formed in the panel body.

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