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Vibratory apparatus for ejecting items

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Vibrationsgerät zum Auswerfen von Gegenständen

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Appareil à vibrations pour l'éjection d'objets


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A scrap ejector comprises a pneumatic motor imparting a vibratory motion by means of a first piston that is arranged to reciprocatingly slide within a first cavity of an outer body owing to the action of an elastic spring or an adjustable, but substantially constant pneumatic force acting on a side of said piston, and a pulsed pneumatic force acting on the other side thereof. This pulsed force is obtained by applying a pneumatic pressure onto said other side of the piston, while alternately cutting off and re-establishing said second force by means of a valve arrangement based on a second piston adapted to slidably reciprocate within a respective cavity, wherein the opening and closing stroke of this second piston for applying and exhausting the pressure acting upon said first piston is controlled, i.e. actuated in a direct manner in one direction, and in an indirect manner in the opposite direction, by the same reciprocating displacement of said first piston.

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