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Battery package

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Verpackung für Batterien

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Emballage pour des piles


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[origin: EP1671896A1] A point-of-sale blister package for batteries has a plurality of discrete compartments 3, each configured to retain a single respective battery 4. Each compartment 3 is closed by a respective closure portion 7 defined by perforations 6 in the blister card 1. Each closure portion 7 is individually openable to provide a permanent indication that the battery 4 retained in the compartment 3 has been accessed. The compartments 3 also include retaining projections 9 which removably retain the batteries 4 in the compartments 3, even when the closure portion 7 has been removed. Consequently, used batteries can be stored in the opened compartments 3 for later recycling or disposal. The used batteries 4 can be distinguished from the new batteries 4 by the unopened closure portion 7. In a further variant, the compartments 3 are provided in a plastics tray 10 and each compartment 3 is covered by a sealing strip 12 which breaks when the battery 4 is removed from the compartment.

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