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Play apparatus

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Appareil de jeu


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[origin: EP1698382A1] Play facility that can be safely played on by preschoolers, and that can be set up indoors. The play facility (1) includes hollow play structures (2, 8) having a play surface on which a play participant can engage in play, the play surface being a vertical, oblique, or stair-shaped surface, with members (3,9) constituting at least the play surface being made of a transparent material; liquid spouting units (20,21) for spouting a pressurized liquid L against a surface on an inner side of the transparent member (3,9), the liquid spouting units (20,21) being disposed at an upper position within the hollow portion of the play structure (2,8); and a liquid supply system (15) for pressurizing the liquid L collected in a bottom region inside the hollow portion of the play structure (2,8) and supplying the pressurized liquid to the liquid spouting units (20,21).

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