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[origin: EP1707323A1] It is an object of the invention to provide an effective technique for reducing the manufacturing costs of a handle mounted to a power tool. According to the invention, a representative handle (121) may comprise a handle body (123), a grip (125), an elastic element (131) and an elastic outer surface member (133). The grip is hollow-shaped and the handle body is inserted into the grip. The elastic element is disposed between the inner surface of the grip and the outer surface of the handle body to apply a biasing force to the grip upon movement of the grip with respect to the handle body when vibration of the power tool is transmitted from the handle body to the grip. The elastic outer surface member covers the outer surface of the grip. The elastic outer surface member is integrally formed with the elastic element. As a result, the manufacturing costs can be reduced compared with known construction in which the elastic outer surface member and the elastic element are separately formed.

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