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EP 1772356 A9 2009-02-11 - Composite body for a golf car and utility vehicle

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Composite body for a golf car and utility vehicle

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Aufbau aus Verbundwerkstoff für einen Golfwagen oder Nutzfahrzeug

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Carrosserie composite de voiturette de golf ou de véhicule de service


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[origin: EP1772356A1] A vehicle (10), such as a golf car or a utility vehicle, comprises a high-strength molded composite body assembly (58) formed from at least one molded fiber-reinforced polymer panel (61, 63; 64). A plurality of wheels (16a, 16b) support the composite body assembly for movement along the ground. At least one decorative body panel (106, 108) is disposed on the composite body assembly. The at least one decorative body panel is recessed inwardly relative to the periphery of the composite body assembly such that the composite body assembly extends outwardly of the decorative body panel so as to prevent impact with the decorative body panel.

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