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Sealing for flaps of a sports shoe

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Abdichtung der Seitenlappen eines Sportschuhes

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Etanchéité de rabats de chaussure de sport


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EP 05425747 A 20051024

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[origin: EP1776884A1] The device (1) has a front part (6) adapted for assuring sealing at level of an opening (14) of a sport shoe, and a rear part (7) adapted for resting on a tab (15). The front part has a rigid and elastic element perfectly coupling a contour of a surface of the shoe and covered with a plastic material. The front part presents a large thickness for representing a vertical obstacle of sufficient height at the front of a shell before upper and lower flaps (12, 13). Independent claims are also included for the following: (1) a method for fabricating a sealing device (2) a method for fabricating a sport shoe.

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