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EP 1799911 B1 2009-02-25 - Vibrating plate comprising a remote control that is integrated into the draw bar

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Vibrating plate comprising a remote control that is integrated into the draw bar

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Vibrationsplatte mit in Deichsel integrierbarer Fernsteuerung

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Plaque vibrante à télécommande intégrée dans le timon


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[origin: WO2006037568A1] The invention relates to a vibrating plate for ground compaction, said plate comprising a remote control device for controlling at least one forward or rear journey by the excitation of an oscillation device (2). The remote control device comprises an emitter unit (17), which can be displaced independently of the remaining vibrating plate and which can be detachably fixed to a draw bar (15). In a remote control mode, the emitter unit (17) is held by the user and displaced independently of the vibration plate. In a draw bar mode, the emitter unit (17) is placed on one end of the draw bar (15), so that the user can guide the vibrating plate by the pulling and pushing of robust control handles (19) on the emitter unit (17). The latter (17) can have at least one control handle (19), which can be used not only to input control commands for controlling the oscillation device (2), but can also be held by the user to manually guide the vibrating plate.

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