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Cardboard packing box for cartridge container

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Kartonverpackung für einen Kartuschenbehälter

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Boîtier en carton pour conteneur de cartouche


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A cardboard packing box (300) is provided for packing a cartridge container (100). The container is formed from two mating case shell halves (23, 25) which are identical in dimensions with each other and form a plurality of compartments for receiving sets (C1, C2) of a specified number of flat tape cartridge units therein. Each case shell half has a pair of bottom fitting frames (53a, 53b), which differ in size so that one of the bottom fitting frames of one mating case shell half can be inserted into another mating case shell half so as to couple the cartridge container (100) to another such container. The cardboard packing box (300) comprises a cardboard box (310) identical in internal dimension with a horizontal projection of the case shell (23, 25) of the cartridge container (100), and a pair of cardboard backing pads (320), each of which has a pair of openings (320a, 320b) in which the bottom fitting frames (53a, 53b) of each mating case shell halves are fitted respectively by insertion.

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