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[origin: EP1820615A1] Concept of invention: a power-operated plane comprises a body portion, a cutting head and a rear support assembly. The cutting head is mounted in the interior space of the body portion with freedom to be rotated on bearing assemblies. The cutting head comprises at least two drive-shaft-supported face-and-side cutters. The rear support assembly is in the form of at least two shoes arranged parallel to the longitudinally extending symmetry axis of the body portion and coupled with the body portion by means of a detachable joint. Said shoes are mounted with a faculty of pitch transposition edgewise of the body portion. The cutting head has the ability to move relative to the body portion in a vertical plane and to be located in intermediate position. The body portion has two symmetrically arranged and open-bottom grooves for receiving the corresponding bearing assemblies of the cutting head. The length of each groove about its longitudinal symmetry axis is not less than 0.3 and not more than 0.9 diameter of the face-and-side cutter. 7 dep. claims; 7 ill.

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