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Spinning device

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Dispositif de filage


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[origin: EP1826299A2] The present invention reduces a fiber loss that may occur during spinning executed by a pneumatic spinning device. A spinning device 10 includes a hollow guide shaft 13 having a yarn path 13a formed in an axial position to feed out a spun yarn 9, a first air nozzle 16 that generates a whirling air current B1 to which a fiber bundle 6 is exposed, in an inversion chamber 14, and a second air nozzle 17 that generates a whirling air current B2 in the middle of the spinning path 13b, the whirling air current B2 having not only a component acting in a yarn feed-out direction A but also a component having a whirling direction around an yarn feed-out direction A. The whirling direction of the whirling air current B1 from the first air nozzle 16 is set the same as the whirling direction of the whirling air current B2 from the second air nozzle 17.

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