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Hologram recorder and hologram recording method

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Hologrammaufzeichnungsgerät und Hologrammaufzeichnungsverfahren

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Enregistreur d'hologramme et procédé d'enregistrement d'hologramme


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[origin: EP1833048A1] A multiple hologram recorder includes an optical system and an incident angle controller. The optical system applies a recording beam and a reference beam to a unit recording region of a hologram recording medium. The recording beam is modulated in accordance with information to be recorded. The reference and the recording beams have the same wavelength. The angle controller adjusts the incident angle of the recording or reference beam to preset angles. Every time the incident angle is adjusted to one set angle, one-page holographic recording is performed. The set angles include a reference angle associated with an angular interval. The incident angle controller causes the incident angle to continuously vary within the angular interval when the incident angle is adjusted to the reference angle. This continuous variation is performed with the recording and the reference beams irradiating the unit recording region.

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