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Labelling machine

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Machine d'étiquetage


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A machine for the application of adhesivized, preprinted or non preprinted labels on containers of various shapes moving along a belt or conveyor line, comprising: - a reel (1) of tape (5) adhesivized on the internal side of the reel, which can be preprinted or non preprinted, from which labels are cut; - a reel unwinding system (1) comprising at least a motor driven unwinding roll (6) and a tensioning device (3) of the tape (5); - a photocell (4) for reading the label repetition length; - a driving system (9) of the tape (5) formed of at least a motorized driving roll; - a cutting system (2) constituted by: - a cutting blade (2a) moving perpendicularly to the tape (5) direction from which labels are cut; - a counterblade (2b); the blade and counterblade surfaces being coated by solid antiadhesives; - a conveyor belt (7), on the surface thereof openings have been made; said openings being connected to a vacuum line; - a photocell (8) positioned at the end of the conveyor belt (7) wherein the label is applied on the container; - a conveyor belt (16) having the same structure as the conveyor belt (7), which on the side faced to the container conveyor line incorporates a regulating system (17); - a contrast plane (11) made of elastic material, supported by a rigid support (19), parallel to the conveyor belt (16) and incorporating a regulation system (18).

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