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Lamps supplying device, particularly to be used in light tower

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Versorgungseinrichtung für lampen, besonders für eines mobiles Beleuchtungssystem

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Dispositif d'alimentation pour lampe, en particulier pour une tour d'éclairage


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EP 07425204 A 20070406

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[origin: EP1978789A1] A supplying device (30) for a plurality of lamps (L1-L4) is described, of the type comprising at least one generator (31) for supplying the lamps (L1-L4) with a powering and a spike current. Advantageously, according to the invention, the generator (31) comprises a plurality of local generators (32), each local generator (32) being connected, through a respective igniter (33), to one of the lamps (L1-L4) in order to supply them with the powering current, as well as an auxiliary generator (34) connected to the igniters (33) for supplying them with an auxiliary power supply, so that the igniters (33) provide the spike current to the lamps (L1-L4).

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