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Touchless optically controlled dispenser

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Berührungsloser, optisch gesteuerter Spender

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Distributeur sans contact commandé optiquement


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[origin: EP2025274A1] An automatically controlled apparatus (10) whose operation is controlled at least in part by the input of a signal that an object is sensed in a selected position relative the apparatus, the apparatus having an emitter (63) to emit electromagnetic radiation and a sensor (54) to sense electromagnetic radiation emitted by the emitter which is reflected off an object suitably positioned relative the apparatus, comprising a carriage member (220) mounted to the apparatus for relative pivoting about a pivot axis (234), the emitter (53) and sensor (54) carried by carriage member (220), the emitter (53) being generally directional emitting radiation to emanate outwardly from the emitter generally along a longitudinal emission axis, the sensor (54) being generally directional and sensing radiation which emanates generally along a longitudinal sensing axis terminating in the sensor, the emission axis and the sensing axis generally disposed in a common plane which includes the horizontal axis.

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