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EP 2028365 A2 2009-02-25 - Starting device for engines

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Starting device for engines

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Anlassvorrichtung für Brennkraftmaschinen

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Dispositif de démarrage pour moteurs à combustion


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A starting device for engines (1) comprises a first rotor (2), a second rotor (3) and a one-way clutch (4). The one-way clutch (4) comprises a clutch inner (41) independently or integrally formed with the first rotor (2) and fixed to the first rotor (2); a clutch outer (42) disposed in an outer circumference side of the clutch Inner (41) and fixed to the second rotor (3); and a clutch engaging member (43) disposed in a space formed between the clutch Inner (41) and the clutch outer (42). A seal member (5) is disposed between the clutch-engaging member (43) and the first rotor (2), and between the clutch outer (42) and the clutch Inner (41). The seal member (5) comprises an outer circumference contacting an inner circumference of the clutch outer (42) and an inner circumference contacting an outer circumference of the clutch inner (41). Either the outer circumference side or the inner circumference side is fixed, while the other side is left free and provided with a lip portion (5a).

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